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Apologetics 101

Simon Williams facilitates a video course taught by Dr Doug Groothuis, professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary. Dr Groothuis was a campus pastor for twelve years prior to obtaining a position as an associate professor of philosophy of religion and ethics at Denver Seminary in 1993. Apologetics 101 is a 30 class video series designed to introduce the student to Christian Philosophy and Apologetics. The class can be modified to be shorter if desired.

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Student Testimony

I recently had the privilege of attending an apologetics class, and I must say that it was an incredibly enriching experience. From start to finish, the class provided an exceptional platform for deepening my understanding of the Christian faith and equipping me with the tools to engage in meaningful conversations about it.

One of the standout aspects of the apologetics class was the knowledgeable and passionate instructor. Their expertise in the subject matter was evident as they skillfully navigated through complex theological concepts and philosophical arguments, making them accessible and engaging for students of all levels. Their ability to address challenging questions with clarity and precision was truly commendable.

The curriculum Itself was meticulously designed, covering a wide range of topics related to defending and explaining the Christian worldview. From exploring the historical reliability of the Bible to delving into the philosophical foundations of belief, the class left no stone unturned. I appreciated the balanced approach taken, as it encouraged critical thinking and fostered a respectful atmosphere for open dialogue.

Furthermore, the class format was highly interactive, allowing ample opportunities for discussion and reflection. The instructor fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment, encouraging students to express their thoughts and share their experiences. This collaborative approach not only deepened our understanding but also created a sense of community among classmates.

What truly impressed me was how the apologetics class bridged the gap between faith and reason. It provided me with the intellectual tools to address doubts and skepticism while strengthening my own convictions. It was incredibly empowering to see how evidence, logic, and rational arguments can harmoniously coexist with faith, reinforcing my belief in a thoughtful and coherent Christian worldview.

In conclusion, the apologetics class I attended was an absolute gem. It left an indelible impact on my faith journey, equipping me with the knowledge and confidence to engage in meaningful conversations about Christianity. The passionate instructor, comprehensive curriculum, and interactive format all contributed to an enlightening and thought-provoking experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of Christianity and engage with others in a thoughtful and compelling manner.

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