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Artist of Theology

Simon Williams, Creator of Northeast Christian Apologetics

Photography by Ashleigh Webster

I wanted to take this lovely Friday morning to share my thoughts about the creator of Northeast Christian Apologetics. I am going to lead with a little bit of history because these are tidbits that have contributed to Simon's artistic abilities.

Simon Williams was born in Michigan. He grew up with two parents and he's the oldest of five. He was always separate from the rest in school and was never able to fully conform to pop culture regardless of whether he wanted to or not.

His first job was working at a zoo and his second was the Navy. What's interesting is that even with Naval training, he has a hard time doing things just because someone is telling him to. After serving in the Navy, he got a job starting as a Nuclear Chem Tech and was promoted to supervisor of that same department. Even after being in a similar (but not the same) environment, Simon remained an independent thinker who refused to completely conform to popular expectations.

This inability to conform has given him the superpower to see things differently. With his theology, you'll find he is innovative, experimental, and can make those who are too comfortable in their belief system, very uncomfortable. Simon is an artist using theology as his medium. So I'd like to call him an artist of Theology. I came to this conclusion because Simon's work frequently reminds me of a quote by Cesar A. Cruz,

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

Simon finds his work is well done when a few feathers are ruffled, and he doesn't discriminate with this practice. Like most artists, he's learning how to touch the emotions of his audience. He's learning how he can present his work in a way that is both engaging and natural for him while still reaching the depths of his reader's soul. Which means, he's in search of his audience, which ultimately means, he's in search of himself. What courage it takes to live in such a vulnerable way.

An artist who publicly shares their unfolding is one of the scariest things for humans to do. But unfolding publically is one of the most amazing works of art to observe. I am at the edge of my seat watching Simon develop himself through the use of his ministry. I'm excited to see his belief system bloom and grow. I'm also excited to see him find who he is as a human. There's a lot of exciting things to come. With that, I leave you with this quote by C. S. Lewis

To every man, in his acquaintance with a new art, there comes a moment when that which before was meaningless first lifts, as it were, one corner of the curtain that hides its mystery, and reveals, in a burst of delight which later and fuller understanding can hardly ever equal, one glimpse of the indefinite possibilities within.


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