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Hi, I'm Saschia Johnson. I'm going to be in charge of marketing for Northeast Christian Apologetics. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to watch Simon's ministry grow and evolve. I'm excited to see what God has in store for him and his divine calling.

On my first day here at Northeast Christian Apologetics, I have created new social media accounts so we can serve Christians who are eager to learn more about apologetics. I can say with confidence that Simon is your man when it comes to information regarding theology. This is why I thought it most important to start spreading the word of his Ministry across several social media platforms.

What can you expect to see from me in the future? I'll be sharing links that direct you to Simon's latest posts, video, debates, and all the ways you can support Northeast Christian Apologetics. I also hope to create some new communities where Christians can feel safe to ask question and discuss different topics regarding Christian Apologetics.

But the most important question, Where will you find me lurking around in the background? Social Media of course. Here's where:

Medium: NECAministry

Instagram: NECAministry

Twitter: NECAMinistry

Facebook Page: NECAMinistry Please follow, share, and like our page.

Support Our Ministry

If you've been inspired to think differently about theology, Simon has done his job and he's done it well. Please think about donating so Simon can continue to inspire Christians around the world.

Before you go

I strongly believe that Simon is going to do great things with the talents gifted to him from the Lord. And here's a picture of him Dadding like a pro! Proof that he's human.

Thanks for reading,

Saschia Johnson

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