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Northeast Christian Apologetics Weekly Newsletter

The weekly update on ministry happenings.

In the News

We are currently looking to interview pastors from Connecticut and Rhode Island to get different perspectives on various Christian topics. Simon's goal is to invite pastors to speak outside of their own network in order to unify local churches in Christ. Simon's intention with this is to build diverse connections within the Christian community because we all know that iron sharpens iron.

Let's get unified in Christ.

What can you expect next week?

A debate is scheduled for February 11, 2021 at 9pm est. Those who have donated will get an exclusive link to watch the debate first. But don't worry, the debate will be free for everyone to watch.

Next on the calendar, Simon will be interviewing Associate Pastor Zac Stevens of Groton Bible Chapel. Here's a little tidbit from his bio (which you can find here):

Zak's passion in ministry is clarity in teaching and depth in discipleship. He will gladly nerd out with you on anything history and philosophy and enjoys playing basketball, board games, or watching any good sit-com. Zak and Katrina have three boys: Athanasius, Cyril, and Aquinas.

I'm interested to see what topics those two come up with.

What to expect every week

We have put our heads together and thought of a new way to get connected with our community. Starting Next Thursday, February 11, 2021, Simon will be hosting Theology Thursday. Every Thursday we will be posting a theology related topic in the Northeast Christian Apologetics' forum section of the website. We're all in this together and your opinions are valuable! So come on by and have a discussion with us!

Simon will be sharing at least one article and one video a week. Simon's focus for this month is to provide a secure foundation for understanding the arguments for the existence of God.


We are fully operating on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Click links to follow or connect

On Medium, Our publication is still under construction but you can still take a peek. (Cick link to check it out). I'm excited to announce our Medium Publication is currently accepting Apologetic based Submissions both Nonfiction and fiction.

A sincere thank you

Thank you for giving. Your proceeds will go towards Northeast Christian Apologetics becoming recognized as an official organization. We are working with professionals on developing a business plan and getting educated on the documents needed to move forward. We ask that you continue to pray for us and continue to be encouraging and uplifting during this intense time of development. While this ministry is committed to apologetics, Simon is still learning and developing his voice as an apologetic leader but this in no way hinders his commitment to the ministry. Your giving allows Simon the space to learn and grow into the man Christ has created him to be. We are so grateful for your financial and emotional support.

Verse to go

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