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The Problem of Death's Door: Part 2 Where Should We Start?

In my last post, I talked about the inevitability of everyone opening Death's Door. That we don't know what lies beyond it. What I think is strong motivation for us to investigate what could lie beyond it. And four criteria that we can use to help guide our investigation.

Those four criteria that I provided are merely suggestions. You are free to come up with your own. My criteria are focused around the idea that it's possible that what lies for us beyond Death's Door is eternal conscious torment (I merely said "eternal torment" last time, but I want it to be clear that we are experiencing this everlastingly bad situation) and if that can be avoided, then it should be avoided.

The list of worldviews we are looking at is surprisingly short. Most worldviews either have no period/place of torment or, if there is a place of torment, it's finite and/or escapable. Here is the list that is relevant to the beginning of our investigation:

  • Christianity

  • Islam

  • Zoroastrianism

  • Some forms of Wicca (1)

That helped us weed out a lot of worldviews. There may be others that say that eternal conscious torment lies beyond Death's Door, but we can't investigate them until we discover them. This list is also just to provide a starting point.

Personally, I like to have my main focus on one worldview at a time. You could look into them all at the same time if you want. I think a way to narrow down the investigation to one is by implementing the following criteria(2):

1. Number of Adherents

Keep in mind that we are not now trying to discover what is true. We are trying to find a starting point. So, having a high number of adherents isn't a claim to the truth of a worldview. However, I think the appeal of a worldview can help direct us to our starting point. We are also living in a time where we have a lot of resources available to look into this extremely important matter. This is a list of the major religious groups (3):

  1. Christianity

  2. Islam

  3. Unaffiliated

  4. Hinduism

  5. Buddhism

Christianity and Islam are the only ones really relevant from our last list. The "unaffiliated" don't have a generally accepted worldview. So, I recommend ignoring that group for now.

2. Globally Diverse

Now, it seems to me that any worldview that is more diverse culturally and regionally ought to be considered first. This is because I believe that if this worldview resinates with a variety of different kinds of people, there must be something particularly appealing about it. This doesn't mean that it's true, just that it remains appealing even from a variety of different perspectives.

Please take a look at the image I provided below. From my perspective, it seems to indicate that christianity is the most evenly distributed, geographically speaking. By a long shot.

I've also provided another image below to get a better idea of the distribution of the relevant worldviews.

Looks like Christianity literally has the remaining worldviews surrounded. So, it seems to me that Christianity should be the start of our investigation.


Like I said, this is what seems most plausible to me. You are free to go about this any way you want, but I really find my reasons hard to refute. So, now that we've determined that Christianity is the most logical starting point based on the method that I provided, I plan to explain how we go about investigating it. As a preview I'll just say, we need to try to prove that it is false beyond a shadow of a doubt in order to justify risking eternal conscious torment. As always, thanks for reading!


(1) It should be noted that this is based on "the wiccan laws" and that those who break the wiccan laws will not undergo rebirth but will "remain where they belong, in the Hell of the Christians." If the Hell that wiccans go to is the Christian's Hell, then if you follow christianity you should escape their Hell.

(2) You can see that I like establishing criteria. Helps me stay organized. Again, these are just suggestions. Feel free to do things your own way. I just think this is the best way.


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